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Zion's Lost

Dec 31, 2019

This weeks episode is a sample of our monthly bonus episodes that we release exclusively to our 2nd and 3rd tier Patreons. We hope you enjoy. 

Michelle's nude body was discovered floating off Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. With one of her legs missing and the other oddly shaped like a question mark, it was deduced that a...

Dec 17, 2019

In August of 1978 in downtown Salt Lake City, a mother was seen throwing her 7 children over the railing of an 11th floor hotel room, before jumping to her own death. What - or who - could persuade a mother to commit such a tragic and violent act?

Dec 3, 2019

In September 1971, a brazen daytime robbery gone wrong left one young man dead and a mother shot in the head, with her two young boys as witnesses. With no clues other than a unique watch left at the scene, the case quickly went cold.