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Zion's Lost

Jul 31, 2018

The last anyone heard from Spc. Joseph Bushling was a frantic phone call begging for help. A search on Dugway Proving Ground, where he was last known to be proved frustrating for authorities and his family.


Jul 24, 2018

On our first John Doe episode, we are discussing two men found 2 decades apart in Weber County. Authorities have no clue as to their identities, or even their causes of death. 


Thank you to Det. Reed Mackley of the Ogden City Police Department

Jul 17, 2018

What should have been the cross-country vacation of a lifetime turned into a nightmare for 15 year old Dennise Sullivan, her mother, Jeannette Sullivan, and Charles Boothroyd, Jeannette's fiance. Fifty-seven years later and Dennise still has not been found. 


Jul 10, 2018

There is no question about who kidnapped Acacia 15 years ago, but the mystery lies in what happened after she was taken, leaving family members to ask themselves which lie to believe. 

Jul 3, 2018

When 17 year old Macin Smith disappeared from his St. George home, he was listed as an endangered runaway. Three years later, there are still sightings of Macin possibly living on the streets.